Welcome to DGIT!

German Association for International Transfer of Technology e.V.

We are a coalition of leading German technology providers.

With our international subsidiaries, we support our members’ market development activities and provide them with access to government agencies and educational institutions.

For international businesses, associations and administrations we offer a portal to the German Mittelstand.


Industry 4.0

Adapting state-of-the art Internet of Things (IoT) technology to manufacturing processes is becoming a core competence. .. more


SME and Mittelstand companies dominate the German medical engineering market. .. more


Green technology has become a key factor in the German economy. .. more


DGIT is committed to fostering trade with our target regions. .. more


Business opportunities for manufacturers, technology companies, and educational institutions who seek to expand internationally. .. more


In her target regions, DGIT provides training and continued education in order to impart German technological expertise. .. more

For our German members

The events we are hosting provide our members with rich opportunities for cross-industry dialogue with other technology entrepreneurs but also with politicians and academic researchers.

Our international subsidiaries can draw on relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, and administrative bodies established over decades.

DGIT provides its members with cross-sectoral expertise in core markets like China and helps them to speed up, facilitate or safeguard their operations there – instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again.

  • Network and Events

    In Germany, DGIT on a regular basis hosts live as well as virtual events that add real-life value for technology entrepreneurs.

  • Mediating Contracts and Cooperations

    Through our network in target countries, we identify tangible business opportunities and pass them on to our members who pursue them either independently or assisted by our local subsidiaries.

  • Market entry, brand placement, sales setup

    We can support our members with an effective portfolio of services for their market entry in our target regions. Our on-the-ground subsidiaries are on your side.

  • Internationalisation for startups

    For startups who seek to further evolve their technologies in an international context or to market them internationally our subsidiaries provide a reliable soft landing platform.


  • Delegations

    For commercial and state delegations we make appointments with requested businesses, authorities, associations, or research institutions in Germany, and organise their travel, translations etc.

  • Technology partnerships, M&A, Incorporation

    International businesses that seek to establish technology partnerships in Germany, incorporate a subsidiary or require assistance with M&A activities can rely on DGIT’s network for a one-stop solution.

  • Representations

    International businesses that are evaluating entrance in the German or EU market can be assisted with market analyses and risk assessment and initial operative support.

For international partners

For international businesses, associations and administrations we offer a portal to the German Mittelstand.

At your request, we identify suitable technology providers among our members but also beyond and introduce you to the other party.

In selected industries, DGIT will be able and willing to play a more active operational role in introducing your products in the German market.

What we’re working on right now

Current projects & activities


Signed in Shenzhen in January 2021, the  Greater Bay Region’s  Robotics Associations has entered a long-term cooperation agreement with DGIT in order to foster business relationships with German solution providers.

RV Manufacturing

For China’s leading RV manufacturing cluster in the Shandong coastal province, we establish contacts with German manufacturers from various industries in order to further increase export capabilities.


After hosting a “Modern agribusiness in Bavaria” event for the Guangdong Agronomy Academy, we expand this partnership with new activities in export promotion, processing technologies, machinery, and education.


With the Sichuan province’s Medical Association we collaborate in the fields of biomedical technology and hospital management. In 2021 we will hold a series of online events and travel to China with a delegation from Germany.

Why we joined DGIT

I joined DGIT after I was impressed by the highly experienced initiators, their comprehensive business network, and the association’s hands-on approach – as well as the remarkable absence of any bureaucratic thinking.

Working across industries and borders when it comes to digitisation and education is one of my core values. Creating networks in my area of work hugely helps to create value for customers and technology partners.

At Mechatronik BW, a statewide association of technology companies from the most diverse industries that I am leading, international partnerships and transfer of technology are essential for our member’s success.

Being a member of DGIT is helping us to keep up with the latest development in the rapidly evolving automation industry. We found it easier to enter new markets and benefited from other members’ experiences, best practices, and support.

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